Install NCALayer software to run digital signature keys.

NCALayer software enables using digital signature of the NCA of the RoK in web applications and operating Java in browsers. NCALayer capabilities might be extended by installation of additional modules provided by third-party developers. To run NCALayer you should perform preliminary setup of your computer. PC configurations should comply with minimal requirements.

User Guidelines for NCALayer installation Open

Minimal Requirements for User’s PC:
Browser: Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox 4+, Opera 10+, Google Chrome 4+, Safari 5+;
Operating System: Windows 7 and above, Mac OS X 10.11 and above, any versions of ОС GNU Linux with Gnome graphic environment of version 3 and above.

NCALayer version Check sum
NCALayer for Windows 32-bit
SHA1: 6aea0b2381058de426476856c4676244dcef30c3
MD5: e54b105e7b1b20fed92607fe457dc35b
NCALayer for Windows 64-bit
SHA1: e0bbc70c5da1bbf7f65b8a665e9b8509aefa7b44
MD5: 0276457eb63452c234fda1a275d6a16c
NCALayer for MacOSX
SHA1: 48f0fceb4cb43f7882cb788607b62a2b159c3f50
MD5: 88ed36adc3bb7eb7d80c7c3692072140
NCALayer for Linux
SHA1: 9e6a36cfd622386c6c338824196699142725ff1b
MD5: b259f2dc11197f0a68e741be944f49d8
NCALayer for the visually impaired (Windows 32-bit)
SHA1: b7a72156cba287c3ab27a11bf199adf0b6fa0fcf
MD5: 5b38154eca8b7bd6bcf1efa7364f6a3e
NCALayer for the visually impaired (Windows 64-bit)
SHA1: 0099881bb1e0346f2dc007f097b51d48a5d9c777
MD5: 35e9f5c899391cb847fb0322c9f3df6b

NB! Before running a browser or portal on which utilization of digital signature is to be performed, you need to run the application. You can select an autostart for the application for convenience.