Install NCALayer software to run digital signature keys.

NCALayer software enables using digital signature of the NCA of the RoK in web applications and operating Java in browsers. NCALayer capabilities might be extended by installation of additional modules provided by third-party developers. To run NCALayer you should perform preliminary setup of your computer. PC configurations should comply with minimal requirements.

User Guidelines for NCALayer installation Open

Minimal Requirements for User’s PC:
Browser: Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox 4+, Opera 10+, Google Chrome 4+, Safari 5+;
Operating System: Windows 7 and above, Mac OS X 10.11 and above, any versions of ОС GNU Linux with Gnome graphic environment of version 3 and above.

NCALayer version Check sum
NCALayer for Windows 32-bit
SHA1: e7d4bb5dfdfa9e638d3788f6b3405b6c44ba2373
MD5: 7f5c14af29cee941163e9a4770a507a5
NCALayer for Windows 64-bit
SHA1: 063c45b75d9cb1d524d35f45691f67a7c3fd23d5
MD5: 981b2fe4c78bd2b9308a2d3689b49f19
NCALayer for MacOSX
SHA1: 3cd2265fbfbf1a6048bd49e31c797cba00a30416
MD5: ddfc799750d85bde969fccbc479df07e
NCALayer for Linux
SHA1: 78438d3c51184b324dfd16d949fccaafc9cefc6c
MD5: 0b04eae3b1b60408207b1290bea0e5f3
NCALayer for the visually impaired (Windows 32-bit)
SHA1: 893716afc039bf8cc7a0d672a0abe7c5f14d9401
MD5: 4506c33843bb40e3672e9347dbb974b3
NCALayer for the visually impaired (Windows 64-bit)
SHA1: 76b88044ee9fe2a27f987d486e215e4f775afacf
MD5: e5b02c467bc3376507f9ac94c0fab6f1

NB! Before running a browser or portal on which utilization of digital signature is to be performed, you need to run the application. You can select an autostart for the application for convenience.